Paint those bOObs

October 1, 2013

We almost forgot we asked a photographer to send us some bodypaint shots… Yes we admit, we cropped them to our most favorite part!

Just a lick of paint

April 30, 2013

It doesn’t always have to be art with a capital A… Nonono, just a lick of paints on a nice pair of bOObs and we’re already happy!

Paint my body…

April 15, 2013

They asked us the next question: Do you consider bodypaint erotic? Well, euh, bOObs covered with just a lick of paint… Do we need to answer this?

Rio!!! De Janeiro!!!

February 27, 2013

As last post of the carnival you’ll get a mixture: nipplestickers, bodypaint, nipslips… Enjoy the temperature of Rio!

Paint that body

January 16, 2013

And if your looking for volunteers to wash it of again… mail me :)>

Reposted: HOOTERS

December 27, 2012


I know we have had a lot of bodypaint photos last week, but how can we not post them when they say HOOTERS???

Let’s take a closer look at the paintjobs

December 18, 2012

Awhile ago a friend went as a photographer to a bodypaint contest. Although he’s not a bOOb-hunter :) we could persuade him to take some close up shots of the coloured bOObs. Here is what he brought back…

Opening a zoo

December 7, 2012

Hope you will like what we have to show!

Even covered in paint we love them!

December 6, 2012

We’re still amazed by the number of photos we got…

There’s still some paint left

December 6, 2012

So why not use it?

More paintes bOObs on the Fantasy Fest

December 5, 2012

If I was a painter…

Fantasy Fest is very colourful

December 5, 2012

bOObs is all colours… Which ones do you like the most?

Best shirts in the world!

November 30, 2012

As we’ve said before: we are NOT soccer fans… But dress a team with these shierts and we’ll be standing at the front row!

If I was an artist

September 26, 2012

I wouldn’t use a spunge or pencil… I would use my bare hands :)

Why wear a soccer shirt…

September 11, 2012

… if you can just put on some paint??? As promised some more soccerbOObs :)

During our vacation…

September 3, 2012

During our vacation time didn’t stand still. We’re not the biggest soccer fans, but for this team we like to make an exception. Enjoy the bOObs… We’ll be back with part 2!

Finally, the answer…

May 11, 2012

Well, all these Painted bOObs came out of one musicvideo!!! We never heard about the song or group, but we’ll share them with you: Teddiedrum – The audience

And to make things even more easier, you can find the offical video HERE

Well, what’s the connection with music???

May 9, 2012

Guys, do stop staring @ the bOObs and make the connection! Connect the dots :)

To start the week a quiz :)

May 7, 2012

Hello Guys,

we’ve made some fantastic Bodypaint pics, but what do they have to do with music??? If you know the answer, let us know :)

Art on my favourite canvas

April 18, 2012


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